Workout DVD #42: Power Body: Advanced Russian Kettlebell with Phil Ross

This DVD is like the polar opposite to the kettlebell workout DVD I did the other week. It is nuts! It’s interesting how Netflix has two kettlebell workouts available yet they are so different.

Power Body, by Phil Ross, is definitely for the guys. I liked it just enough to do it – now that’s not because it isn’t any good – I just had a hard time wrapping my head around some of the ‘crazy’ stuff I was watching. But again, I’m sure it’s because I am a gal that I cringed when Phil wrapped a towel around a kettlebell and started swinging it in circles over his head, like he was at a Highland Games!

So this DVD has four kettlebell segments that have three sets each. It all begins with a jump rope warm-up which lasts a few minutes and would be a enough of a workout for some people as jump rope can get you winded fast. Phil is really good at jumping rope. I am not, and I was on carpet so I jumped on my HealthRider and did some light cardio on that to get warmed up.

There is also a bonus section at the end of the DVD with some ab exercises. I did all the four sections and watched the bonus one while I stretched.

Phil does many of the exercises with two 53lb kettlebells, which is 43lbs more than I was using, yet he barely seemed to suck in breaths, even though the workout obviously turns anaerobic. He’s ‘well fit’ as my brother used to say.

The producers could have saved some money and just filmed Phil doing one set one time only – if he hadn’t spoken the set numbers at the end I wouldn’t have noticed he was actually doing the set again for a second and third time. I guess there must have been a good amount of rest between sets that they didn’t show as all the sets seemed pretty effortless on Phil’s part. Like I said, he is well fit!

I think if you want a kick butt kettlebell workout then you need to do this DVD. If you are a guy, you need to do this DVD. Otherwise you can find a plethora of short videos online that will give you a more varied and interesting workout. I personally preferred the fluidity of the workouts in the 10 Minute Solution Kettlebell DVD, and the production and setting was better looking, but that’s just cosmetic.


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