The Ups and Downs of Dietary Cleansing – Day 2

This is day 2 of the limited fruit and veggie detox cleanse that I have embarked on. Day 1 was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I am very grateful for that. After just eating plain fruit and vegetables yesterday I really thought I would be going nuts, but strangely enough the day passed with me drinking plenty of water and not eating that much – and not feeling hungry either. I felt like it was mind over matter on my part: I had willed myself not to feel deprived during this cleanse and my body obliged.

Today I started getting a headache about lunch time. I knew it was a caffeine withdrawal headache and it was going to hurt. By about 3pm my head felt like it had suffered a brutal kick, but only on the right side.

The morning eats were delicious: apples and oranges. It feels as though my taste buds, after not being assaulted with sensory overload from all the flavorings in commercial food these days, are hyper sensitive. The apples I ate this morning tasted like the sweetest apples I have ever had. They were from the same lot that I ate from yesterday that had not seemed as sweet to me then.

I ate a little more today than yesterday. But at dinner time I didn’t really feel like eating anything, I felt a little sick. I guess that’s the toxins doing their thing, coming out of my tissues etc.

I tried to do some housework today. Vacuuming the house made me feel really tired and a little shaky. It’s crappy when you don’t have enough muscle power to do simple things like cleaning carpets.

I really want to eat some salt or other flavoring on my food! I just wish I could have enjoyed a good curry for dinner this evening. The upside of all this clean eating is that without sugars and overly starchy foods, my teeth feel so clean, so that’s a plus.

It’s late in the day now and the update is I felt like absolute poo all evening. Driving around after dinner I thought I was going to throw up. Awful! But opening the window for some fresh air helped immensely. The headache is still with me, on the right side of my head only. It better be gone when I wake up tomorrow or I will be a very unhappy camper.


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