Getting Fit Out on the Water

Well it’s been a while since I last posted and I’m quite surprised at how the time has flown by, but it’s been all good. I’ve been having a lot of fun getting fit out on the water near my house – kayaking.

I got a kayak to about five weeks ago and although I haven’t been able to use it more than a few times a week because of the weather, when I do get to use it – it’s the best thing ever.

I got the cheapest kayak you can buy at Dick’s Sporting Goods because I wasn’t 100% sure how much I would enjoy it. I guess I should have had more confidence in myself, because I believed deep down I would get use out of the kayak, and now every chance I get, I am paddling around.

The next few days are meant to be in the mid eighties and so it will be perfect to get out on the water.

Last night I was out on the lake for about 40 minutes. I wish it could have been longer but it was getting dark. I was the only person out there, surrounded by groups of bugs and the odd fish jumping out of the water.

The surface was like glass, so flat, and a joy to paddle on. I think last night was most beautiful I have seen it since I started kayaking.

kayaking out on the lake

So I’ve been going to the gym, but I have to admit it’s been sporadic: one week I went five times the next I went one, and so on. I had a lot of relatives come over to visit for two weeks and that made things pretty difficult on the fitness front.

But for the first time in a long time, I’m really enjoying moving my body – to be out in nature and exercising is such a gift. To me it is far better than running out in the open, it’s just blissful. And when you get that rhythmic paddling going, it’s meditative too.

If any of you kayak I would love to hear from you. I am such a newbie at this, but I’m doing it for fun, not for the sport, so I don’t mind just paddling along. One day I think I’d like to get into rowing so I can use my whole body – maybe there’s a rowing club here at Lake Norman I can join. Now that’s something to think about.


2 Responses

  1. hello, I found your blog when I was looking into rowing clubs for Lake Norman. I just turned 50 and like you, a few years ago I was in incredible shape, and able to wear a bikini. I had a very unhappy marriage and worked out much of the time as I had no life. But two years ago i fell in love with a wonderful man who loves to cuddle. Now I am fatter than I have ever been. Fat and happy. But I am determined to get back in shape. I love rowing and kayaking.
    I am far too impacient to work out to videos, Much better to get out and bike or swim or row.
    How do you feel the kayaking is working out for you?

  2. Oh by the way, do you live on lake Norman? We do not live full time at the lake but have a little place on the lake in Webb’s Chapel Cove over by Denver. We are there most weekends from now till oct. If you get over that way on the weekend and see a woman rowing a little green zodiac raft around, that’s me.

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